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Pastellist and naturalistic painter, Annette Cunnac, draws around her the subjects of her paintings and she focuses on two themes, landscapes and scenes of life. When traveling and in her close environment she seeks to capture moments of life and the magic of light and colour. "To sublimate the truth of the subject with a range of thrust colours and with strong contrasts in order to express the essential and reach emotional intensity in the painting, that is the purpose of my art practice".


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Mixed media oil/acrylic on canvas. Oil paintings on canvas mainly made in studio from sketches, notes of colours and photos.

Dry pastel on abrasive card paper which hangs the pastel powder and allows to work in thickness and to achieve a great intensity in colours and contrasts

Pastel sketches made in situ while travelling. References are the “travelogues” of Delacroix and the pastel drawings of Eugene Boudin











Poésie et lumière sur la ville » (Poetry and light on the city)

Galerie Mage - 30 place Mage - 31000 Toulouse
Annette Cunnac invites us once again to share her painter's eyes on her close environment. In this new solo exhibition, she presents works on the heritage of Toulouse and her hometown, Rabastens in the Tarn where she made this summer an exhibition "the soul of heritage" at the Galerie du Cinq.

Beyond the historical context, Annette Cunnac reveals moments of poetry and light on the heritage of the city, a living heritage with shimmering colors. 

Exhibition from November 5th to 17th  2018
Vernissage on Thursday November 8th  at 18.00 pm
Opening hours from Monday to Saturday - 10.00/13.00 - 14.00/19.00










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Galerie Mage
Place Mage - 31000 Toulouse - France
Solo exhibition

Annette Cunnac will present in this new Gallery located Place Mage, in the historical city center urban landscapes and street scenes inspired by Toulouse and his recent travels (Oils on canvas and pastels).

More information coming soon.

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The Digigraphie® is a technical label that reproduces an artwork in limited series. Each print is numbered, referenced, signed by the artist and issued with a certificate of authenticity

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