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Pastellist and naturalistic painter, Annette Cunnac, draws around her the subjects of her paintings and she focuses on two themes, landscapes and scenes of life. When traveling and in her close environment she seeks to capture moments of life and the magic of light and colour. "To sublimate the truth of the subject with a range of thrust colours and with strong contrasts in order to express the essential and reach emotional intensity in the painting, that is the purpose of my art practice".


Publication of the art book "Rencontres Beaux-Arts Midi de la France"  (Fine Arts of the South of France) written by Aline Llareus Dinier, art critic, graduated writter  that bring together the works of 53 artists who were exhibited in Villemur in the Tarn department from November 3rd to December 2nd, 2018. All artistic techniques are represented. "It is important to highlight Beauty, harmony, and behind each work, to reveal the human being, to understand what led him to this expression" says the author.

Work contained in the book:  Ethiopie, les Trois Sages - dry pastel on paper card -  59 x 74 cm


Book sold by the association ExisTerre, price 30€. 

Contact for more information and for order: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Artists that are represented:  Joseph AGUILAR-MARTIN, Paméla AMATHIEU, Michel AVERSENG, François BAGIOLI, Jean-Pierre BAÏLE, Jacqueline BAREILLE-DENAT, Claude BARRERE, Dominique BOIS, Isabelle BORGHINI, Yves CARAYON, Anne-Marie CAUSSANEL, Patrick CHANU, Guy COANUS, Gloria CORONA, Annette CUNNAC, Pierre DARQUES, Claire DUBREUCQ, ELJO, Denis ESTEVE, Roselyne FARAIL, Léo de FAUCHER, Rodolphe FAURIA-GORT, FLORA Castaldi, François-Régis GASTOU, Thierry GENAY, Sylvie HEBRARD, René IZAURE, Jean-Paul JACQUEZ, Philippe JAMIN, Yolande KARKOUS, Armand KOUBY, Stanko KRISTIC, Kiki LACARRIERE, Alain MARC, Jean MARC, Maurice MELAT, François MIELVAQUE, Michel MONTAGNE, Yvette MONTEIL, Rémy PEYRANNE, Jacques PLACES, Sonia PRIVAT, Jean-David SABAN, Serge SALLAN, Christian SCHMIDT, Marie-Élisabeth SOLER, Hélène SOREL, Madeleine TEZENAS du MONTCEL, Robert THON, Isabelle THON-LAFFONT, Pierre TREILHES, VAN QUÉ, et Antoine VOISIN.









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