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Born in 1950 in the Tarn, south-west France, Annette Cunnac lives and works in Toulouse where she settled in 1983.  At that time she joined evening classes in the studio of Pierre Darques at the Fine Art School of Toulouse where she acquired a strong grounding in drawing and painting which she continued at the "Academie de Dessin de Toulouse". Today she combines her career with her passion for painting.
In 2014 she becomes associate of the historical  "Société des Artistes Français".
She paints and draws since her teens. She had her very first artistic emotions when discovering the impressionists in the art magazines. These works arise in her a deep desire to restitute on canvas the softness and harmony of the countryside landscapes surrounding her.

Artistic Approach

Pastellist and naturalistic painter, Annette Cunnac, draws around her the subjects of her paintings and she focuses on two themes, landscapes and scenes of life. When traveling and in her close environment she seeks to capture moments of life and the magic of light and colour. "To emphasize the truth of the subject with a range of thrust colours and with strong contrasts to express the essential and to reach emotional intensity in the work, that is the purpose of my art practice".
"The work in the studio is made from sketches, photos and colour notes taken on the spot and which are a support to her visual memory. “To find again the quiet of my studio in order to collect my memories and to organize the matter that will give rise to future paintings is essential to me."
She also practices “outdoors” by walking through the countryside with her easel and her  box of pastels, in the tradition of the plein-air painting.
"To paint on the spot is a precious moment.  The painter is carried by the subject and the dialogue is spontaneous. The technique of pastel enables a rapid execution, seizing an ephemeral light, the vibration of colour or the movement of a silhouette.  It facilitates light and precise gestures at the same time ».

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