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Mixed media oil/acrylic on canvas. Oil paintings on canvas mainly made in studio from sketches, notes of colours and photos.

Dry pastel on abrasive card paper which hangs the pastel powder and allows to work in thickness and to achieve a great intensity in colours and contrasts

Pastel sketches made in situ while travelling. References are the “travelogues” of Delacroix and the pastel drawings of Eugene Boudin



111 des Arts - Hôtel Dieu - Toulouse - France

For the benefit of medical research on cancers and serious diseases of the child.

For her 6th participation at the exhibition "111 des Arts", Annette Cunnac presents series of pastels on the theme of Toulouse, urban landscapes and street scenes, as well as some pastels representing moments of life she captures when travelling. 

Address: Chapelle de l'Hôtel Dieu - Toulouse
Dates:  du 22 novembre au 02 décembre 2018
Opening : 12H / 20 H  - Entrée libre
Vernissage: Thursday November 22 at 18H30

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