On the occasion of its solemn autumn session at the Capitole of  Toulouse, the Académie du Languedoc awarded the prestigious Renée Aspe painting prize to Annette Cunnac for all of her work. She was sponsored by Master Bernard Poulhiès, Vice President of the Academy, who gave her eulogy which ended with these words: “The Academy of Languedoc is proud to accompany you in your pictorial career and urges you to keep a long artistic effervescence. The Académie du Languedoc is proud to award you the Renée Aspe painting prize which you have greatly deserved”.



Best wishes for 2023


While expecting to meet you again during my next solo exhibition at the gallery “Galerie Mage” in November in Toulouse or at the group exhibition “111 des Arts” at the Hôtel Dieu, I wish you all the best for 2023.


111 des ARTS

November 10th to 20th , 2022

For the benefit of medical research on cancers and serious diseases of the child.

This year Annette Cunnac presents a series of pastels, moments of life captured during her recent trip to Cambodia, as well as urban landscapes of Toulouse and the Tarn countryside.


Exhibition from November 10th to 20th, 2022
Opening from 12h to 20h – Free entry

Chapelle de l’Hôtel Dieu

Les Arts en Balade

September 23rd to 25th, 2022

For this new edition of Arts en Balade, Annette Cunnac is pleased to welcome you to her studio with her friend sculptor  Cathy Larroque Soussan.

The banks of the Garonne, the Hôtel-Dieu and La Grave are the places in Toulouse where she currently draws the source of her inspiration. The variations of the sky and the reflections in the water offer her a rich palette of colors and light. Will also be visible her sketches and drawings made in the Tarn countryside as well as during her last trip to Cambodia.

The studio is open throughout the weekend:

Friday 23rd, vernissage 18.00 pm
Saturday 24th, 1.00 pm to 9.00 pm
Sunday 25th, 11.00 am to 20.00 pm

Studio Annette Cunnac
51, rue Jean Micoud
31500 Toulouse – France

Bus: L1 – Stop Aqueduc

Painting sublimated reality

2 – 21 May 2022

This exhibition is the resumption of the one presented in May 2021, suddenly interrupted by the lockdown. Despite everything Annette Cunnac continued to work in the tranquility of her studio. She also took advantage of the beautiful summer days to explore, at different times of the day, the banks of the Garonne in Toulouse. She placed her easel there to capture the colours and variations of light. The great skies reflected in the water, the mirror effect of brick buildings, the dome of “La Grave”, the “Hôtel-Dieu”, the “Pont-Neuf” and life alongside the banks constitute the core of her paintings.

“It was a rich experience full of inspiration and encounters. The dialogue with the walkers was immediate, it was a pleasure to make them aware of the poetic and colorful reality of the city”. 

This exhibition is the culmination of an intense year of creation. She reveals to us moments she lived, visual shocks that she seeks to express through painting. The lights and colours of Toulouse are the main theme. Nevertheless, she exhibits also landscapes of her native Tarn which never cease to inspire her.




Galerie Mage
30, place Mage
31000 TOULOUSE – France

Exhibition from May 2nd to May 21st

Chateau de Capdeville

Exhibition with Michel Averseng sculptor

June 25th to August 23rd, 2021

In this new exhibition with Michel Averseng sculptor, Annette Cunnac presents a set of oils on canvas and pastels which offers a panorama of her work for twenty years. Her landscapes and scenes of life, inspired by her travels and her immediate surroundings, are the fruit of a sensitive observation of the life around her. She takes us by light and colors in her universe imbued with poetry.

Michel Averseng exhibits a set of statues, busts and compositions (original bronzes and plasters) as well as drawings which are the culmination of a lifetime of research and study. “Of a simple appearance, the statuary must be, in its material presence, a silent messenger of the spiritual richness of a complex humanity. A present and naturally understandable messenger in the heart of every human, whatever his culture”.

June25th to August 23rd, 2021
Opening from Tuesday to Saturday
10.00 am to 12.30am – 14.00 pm to 19.00 pm
Sunday morning

Vernissage Friday 25th at 6.00pm

Chateau de Capdeville
Maison des vins et du tourisme
Galerie Mage
140, allée du château
31620 Fronton – France

Winter lights

from Toulouse to Angkor Wat

March-April 2021

Annette Cunnac presents recent works produced in the tranquility of her studio, mainly pastels which light up the landscapes and scenes of life in Cambodia and in her region. The splendors of Khmer civilization interact with the local heritage of Occitanie.

Deeply marked by the landscapes of her native Tarn, Annette Cunnac also presents during this exhibition pastels recently made in situ in direct contact with nature in the countryside.

“I paint what my gaze captures and makes me feel at very specific moments, whether it is a landscape sublimated by a fleeting light or a colorful scene of life”.


Galerie Mage
30, place Mage
31000 TOULOUSE – France

Artist portrait

on the occasion of the collective exhibition 111 des arts

Annette Cunnac welcomed a team of the 111 des Arts in her studio for an interview.

To see the video click on this link


February 12th to 16th, 2020

Painting exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Français in the context of Art en Capital at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Exhibition from February 12th to 16th 2020
Opening hours everyday from 11.00 am to 20.00 pm
Nocturnes until 22.00 pm on Thursday 13th, Saturday 15th
Vernissage Tuesday 11th from 15.00 pm until 22.00 pm (by invitation)

Grand Palais
Avenue Franklin Roosevelt
75008 Paris

Here and elsewhere

October 7th to 19th, 2019

Annette Cunnac presents during this new solo exhibition at the Gallery Mage in Toulouse a series of paintings and pastels inspired by her close environment and her travels around the world.
Exhibition from October 7th to 19th, 2019
Vernissage  Thursday 10th at 18.00 pm
Opening hours everyday from 10.30 am to 19.00 pm

Galerie Mage
30 place Mage