Born in 1950 in the Tarn, south-west France, Annette Cunnac lives and works in Toulouse where she settled in 1983. At that time she joined evening classes in the studio of Pierre Darques at the Fine Art School of Toulouse where she acquired a strong grounding in drawing and painting which she continued at the Academie de Dessin de Toulouse.
Having jointly conducted her professional career and her passion for painting today she devotes herself entirely to her art.
In 2014 she becomes member of the historical “Société des Artistes Français“. 


Annette Cunnac is inspired by her close environment. She concentrates
on two themes, landscapes and life scenes. She constantly seeks to capture the magic of light and the intensity of colours. “To magnify the reality of the subject, to express the essential and to reach emotional intensity in the painting, that is the purpose of my art practice”.
The colourful rhythms and the vibration of the whites reinforce poetry and serenity of the street scenes, especially those of Ethiopia. “I am seeking a permanent balance between graphics and colour”.
She works in the studio from sketches and photos that she makes during her travels and which are a support for her visual memory.

Being again in the calm of my studio to gather my memories and organizing the subjects that will give birth to future works is essential to me”.

She also practices “outdoors” in the tradition of the “plein-air” painting. The technique of pastel enables a rapid execution, to seize an ephemeral light, the vibration of colour or the movement of a silhouette. It allows light and precise gestures at the same time.

“Plein air painting is a precious moment. We are carried by the subject and the dialog with nature is immediately installed.”


Her passion for travel takes her on the roads of the world. Her art is nourished by her encounters and discoveries of new cultures which are essential to the authenticity of her creation.
During her travels she captures moments of life where characters are shown in their familiar attitudes. She draws quick sketches and takes pictures.

“I remain in constant state of total receptivity so that nothing can distract the eye from what matters. Thereby I create a base of drawings and pictures for my future work in studio. I interpret reality, with the permanent concern of not disrupting the spontaneity and the freshness of the vision. This is a permanent concern in my practice indoors”.


Influenced by her travels, Annette Cunnac offers a new perspective on the city of Toulouse with pastels and oils whose subjects exude a deep humanity; a unique opportunity to rediscover the shimmering urban landscapes through the scenes alongside the River Garonne, the streets or the terraces of the bars which are a lively theatre decorated with warm colours. She is also inspired by the Tarn countryside and the bricks architecture with soft light and warm ochre colours.